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Five Common Poker Mistakes

Poker is a complex game and every poker player makes mistakes. This is totally normal, however, you need to work on improving them to play better every day. Check out the five biggest poker mistakes that can be fairly easy to fix, and collect higher winnings.

Playing too tight.

Unfortunately, too many poker players remember the “tight is right” rhyme. Of course, there are moments when you have to play tight. This is what you do at the bubble or at the final tables where ICM matters. Overall, however, playing too tight is the biggest mistake of many players. They 3-bet too little and often check with a wide range. 3-betting strategies make you a tough opponent. When you play poker and compete for money, you are not looking for friends. You are there to make the best decisions and play the best you can. There are quite a few simple tweaks you can make to your own game. This will be analyzing opening ranges at different positions and at different stacks. If you are still a beginner, you will be surprised how many hands you can open profitably.

Folding too often.

While folding goes hand in hand with playing too tight, it's a separate flaw due to the range of situations in which players fold when they shouldn't. Whether you should check it is a matter of numbers. This is determined by mathematics, so it is worth reaching for materials that address these issues. There are certain rules that govern No Limit Hold'em and frequent calls are one of them. Therefore, stop fitting so much. Think of the pools you gave up in this way.

Not understanding variance.

Poker is a game that is changeable. It is not for the weak heart. The sooner you become aware of the variance, the sooner you can deal with the downswing you are on. Most people do not have the faintest idea what swing to expect in poker. They really underestimate variance and don't know what's possible. You have to understand downswings before you even get into a tournament grind.

The feeling that you deserve a win.

Always remember (especially in downswing) that poker owes you nothing. Meanwhile, players act as if they deserve victory. Success, however, will not be served on a tray. You need to learn poker all the time and work very hard like some of the real scavengers who chase success and want to be better. But there are also players who won something years ago and now they're clinging to these victories. They don't learn the game, they don't improve skills. They have the overwhelming feeling that they are good poker players and deserve to win again. Meanwhile, even the best players have to keep learning every day. This is a way to build a win rate and an advantage over your rivals.

Not enough learning to play.

What is the first step to success? Knowledge. Constantly learning how to play poker is the key to become a better player. Work on allocating your time appropriately. Of course, learning poker isn't as exciting as playing it. But for sure your game will improve if you dedicate more time on learning. You will feel confident and excited to try out new strategies.

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